Andrology Equipments

If we are to perform any ART procedure to the best of our ability, we need to have with us, excellent, optimally functioning and well maintained gadgets and instruments...

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Sperm Function Kits

Sperm function tests have added another dimension to ART, giving infertility specialists the ability to gauge the fertilization potential of a male patient...

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Wondersperm Modular CASA is a new generation product which facilitates computer aided semen analysis of sperm parameters as per the criteria established by the WHO...

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Complete range of common Lab consumables which includes sterile disposable plastic ware & sperm processing media specifically for semen Analysis...

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About Wondersperm

Wondersperm – Range of products covering entire spectrum of Andrology:

Complete range is researched, developed and manufactured in India with international certification. This range includes sperm processing media, andrology labware, sperm function kits, andrology lab equipments, computer assisted semen analyzer and turn key product solution for diagnostic andrology laboratory.

Andro Concepts

Male Infertility: Cause for Alarm?

Male infertility indicates an inability of the sperm in bringing about a healthy, viable pregnancy in the absence of a clear female factor. Male factor infertility can arise due to a number of problems in either the macroscopic or microscopic sperm parameters. Most significant among these, are low sperm concentration (oligozoospermia), poor motility (aesthenozoospermia), and abnormal sperm morphology (teratozoospermia).