Andro Station

Androstation is designed to provide clean air devoid of SPMs in the Andrology lab environment. The construction of the cabinet ensures clean and sterile conditions for the protection of semen samples from any ambient or external impurities. The Androstation comprises microprocessor control, UV light, white working light, stainless steel table top and power socket port as standard.

Order Code: 1021
HEPA Filter

The top HEPA filter assembled in the cabinets is fully validated and cross checked in our own QC lab to ensure optimal performance. The filter paper and filter machine is from the best manufacturers of the world. The HEPA filter complies to filter grade EU13 / H13 of ISO EN1822 and has a filtration effciency of 99.99%. It is suitable for clean room ISO CLASS 5 in work space as per ISO 14644-1: 2015.

Wide Access

The opening of the Androstation is 700mm, which is bigger than all the available andrology workstations giving ample space to the operator. The stainless steel work top ensures ease in cleaning.

Air Flow

Vertical Laminar Downflow. Air is blown in order to generate a very smooth vertical laminar downflow towards the user.

Low Noise and Low Vibration

The German blower, along with the electric control ensures silent running and comfortable atmosphere to the laboratory staff. The specifically designed air distribution further improves the air flow.

Microprocessor controls with bright green LCD display automatically perform all activities.

Microprocessor Control Features
  • LCD display shows alpha numeric messages
  • Feather touch keypad
  • Digital display of pressure difference across the filter
  • The filter fan can be run on five different speeds as per the user’s need
  • The microprocessor checks the hourly usage of the HEPA Filter and UV light, and warns of replacement after 3000 hours of usage
  • Interlock of UV light and white light