Customer Spotlight

Shivani Scientific have setup our modular lab in 2010 with all the instruments and accessories. It's our immense pleasure to share with you that our experience with Shivani people in setup of Lab and providing instruments of standard quality is very much satisfactory. Follow up and maintenance of Lab from company people is upto our centre success & excellent take home baby rate. They also deserve blessings of our patients.

We are running a leading IVF centre of south Gujarat - Blossom Fertility & IVF Centre, which gives world class success rates. We are thankful to Mr. Ashish Modi & Shivani Scientific Industries for establishing and maintaining our IVF laboratory, which is impossible for achieving us to get higher IVF success rates.

As a customer of Shivani Scientific, I am satisfied with their way of communication, transparency in prices and services that comes in the warranty period.

The journey of IVF that always keep you on feet, tests your resolve, needs your persistence, demands your constant and regular efforts, require regular check on progress and stability of mind would not have been possible without the positive environment of EART at Shivani.

I have IVF Lab setup of Shivani Scientific Limited and I am really happy with equipments and I am getting good results also. Most important thing with any level of set-up is services and co-ordination. I can say that they are giving best among all I had come across. They are very helpful regarding all type of queries at any time. All staff members are really very co-operative so 99/100 from my side.