Haloview (DNA Fragmentation Kit)

Significance of Fragmentation

The genetic integrity of the spermatozoon is an important requirement for normal embryonic development. A high level of sperm DNA fragmentation might be the cause of infertility which may be overlooked in conventional semen analysis. High levels of sperm DNA fragmentation are correlated with increased miscarriage rates. It is generally seen that men suffering from infertility often show high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation. Thus, the Haloview kit developed by Shivani Scientific Industries provides a useful and reliable test for detecting sperm DNA fragmentation.

Principle of the test

This test is based on the SCD (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) test. A fresh or frozen/thawed, diluted sperm sample is mixed in an agarose microgel and loaded onto an agarose coated slide. The sperm agarose suspension is exposed to a weak acid to denature the DNA in sperm with fragmented DNA and then to a lysis solution to remove most of the nuclear proteins. Absence of major DNA damage results in the formation of nucleoids with large halos of spreading DNA loops around a central core. Nucleoids from spermatozoa with fragmented DNA do not show a dispersion halo altogether or the halo is minimal.

  • 12 Tests per kit
  • Ready to use, with denaturation, lysis and staining solutions as well as dilution buffer included in the kit
  • Dilution tubes for dilution of semen samples
  • Specially designed immersion trays provided with the kit