Modular CASA - Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer

Wondersperm Modular CASA is a new generation product which facilitates computer aided semen analysis of sperm parameters as per the criteria established by the WHO (World Health Organization). The combination of the image processing hardware and software, along with the integrated database with customizable report formats, will equip andrologists, embryologists and researchers alike with a user friendly tool which will help simplify semen analysis.

WS CASA – Modular design means the Power to Choose!

Thanks to the simple user interface, all analyses are quick and easy to perform in a precise, objective manner with reproducible results, something which is not possible in manual semen analysis. The basic hardware components of the system consist of an optical microscope with phase contrast optics connected to a digital camera and a computer with the Modular CASA and Wondersperm Index (Database) software installed.

Although the system is computerised, it necessitates some manual intervention, which is the highlight of CASA. The interpretation by the human eye is amply assisted by the computer system to minimize the margin of error. Hence, although not being totally automated, this system is an interplay between human and computerised assessment for optimal reporting, hence the name Computer 'Assisted' Sperm Analyzer.