Sperm Counting Chamber

Sperm count and motility are two key parameters in semen analysis, and the quick, accurate assessment of these parameters is essential. The Wondersperm Sperm Counting Chamber is a compact and useful instrument which makes this possible. It is a precise and easy to use device for instant and accurate assessment of sperm count and motility in undiluted semen samples.

Order Code: WS 1016
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Chamber grip provided with device for stability and smooth movement on microscope stage
  • Defined micrometric grid allows direct estimation of sperm concentration in millions per ml in undiluted sample
  • Chamber depths of 10µ or 20µ as per requirement. Uniform depth of chamber allows quantitative and qualitative assessment of sperm motility in same plane of focus while allowing free lateral movement of sperm heads
  • Facilitates easy microscopic assessment due to uniform semen smear formation
  • Chamber grip
  • Plastic bottle for distilled water
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual