Spermfuge is an improvised centrifuge, dedicated totally for elevating the total motile sperm recovery from the parent semen sample, by regulating the main parameter of “Temperature” which is aimed at enhancing the ART results. By regulating the temperature throughout centrifugation, the Spermfuge improves sperm motility and longevity when compared to a non-temperature regulated centrifuge, thus increasing the effectiveness of the sperm wash procedures.

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Acceleration and Braking

An adjustable brake is provided to prevent the rotor from stopping too quickly at the end of the run which might disturb the firmly formed pellet. One can select between 3 modes in acceleration, namely braking-slow mode, medium mode and fast mode on screen.


The exact indication of g-force helps the ideal sperm pellet formation by subjecting the sperm to an exact and precise amount of g-force unlike other centrifuges where the g-force is subject to RPM and the tube size.

Temperature and Centrifugation

The heating range of the Spermfuge's chamber is from 26°C to 42°C. The intelligent control system does not allow the centrifugation to commence till the set temperature is attained.

Multiple Programs

The Spermfuge has 9 user selectable programs for different applications and also for different set of protocols as standardized by various clinics, laboratories and regulatory bodies.

Clinically Proven

Multiple publications are available which prove the clinical efficacy of the Spermfuge.