Turnkey Projects for Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory

Many a times, the inability of a couple to conceive is due to abnormalities of the sperm, either in terms of sperm production or sperm function. The routine semen analysis, either done manually or using gadgets like Computer Assisted Semen Analysis, as well as other sperm function tests can generate a lot of valuable information which can help clinicians diagnose male factor infertility more accurately.

The Wondersperm Diagnostic Laboratory is a well equipped Andrology laboratory, with experienced lab technologists, well versed in the testing of human spermatozoa. It offers referring clinicians the opportunity to get a plethora of useful information which will help them choose the best line of treatment.

All in all, the objective is to provide total solutions for the assessment of male reproductive health using both routine and advanced methods of semen analysis, while ensuring quality, objectivity and reproducibility of analysis, thus benefitting Andrologists, Gynecologists and ART practitioners alike in getting an idea of the fertility potential of the male partner.

Guided by the “Patient First” motto, the team at the Wondersperm Diagnostic Laboratory aims to provide utmost care and meticulous services that go hand in hand with the needs of the patient.

We help you set up your own laboratory
  • Site survey and designing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Equipment selection
  • Personnel training
  • Setting up of SOPs
  • Finance and billing
  • Finance and billing