Vitality Kit

Significance of Sperm Vitality

Sperm membrane integrity and thereby, sperm vitality is an important aspect to be assessed. It is especially in samples with severely compromised sperm parameters like membrane integrity which affects the fertilization potential of sperm and hence the assessment of sperm vitality is of great importance. The Wondersperm Vitality Kit, with its combined Eosin-Nigrosin solution allows rapid assessment of sperm viability.

Order Code: WS 1032
Principle of the test

The intact plasma membrane of the viable spermatozoa will not allow the stain to permeate and thus, viable spermatozoa will appear colourless, as opposed to the non viable spermatozoa with compromised membrane integrity, which will appear pink. Estimation of vitality is a simple calculation of the ratio of live and dead sperm using brightfield microscopy.

  • A high number of immotile unstained sperm indicates a defect of the sperm flagella (lazy cilia syndrome)
  • A high number of dead sperm may be indicative of epididymal disease
  • Colourless but non-motile sperm may also be encountered due to deficiency of vital nutrients, increased ROS and other occupational hazards
  • Ready to use diagnostic kit for assessment of sperm membrane integrity
  • Contains single staining solution